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Kids in the Kitchen

USDA. National Agricultural Library

Check out the recipes featured in the Kids Rock Nutrition in the Kitchen video:

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service. Team Nutrition

Team Nutrition Cooks! (TNC) is a series of cooking-based nutrition activities for out-of-school and afterschool programs, for children around ages 8 to 12 years old.

USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Find tips and handouts to get preschoolers involved in the kitchen and overcome picky eating.

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service

A MyPlate resource where you can find recipes, cookbooks, recipe videos and recipe resources for healthful eating.

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service

Find recipes featuring foods that both children and adults should eat more of, including dark green and orange vegetables, dry beans and peas, and whole grains.

USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Snacks can help children get the nutrients needed to grow. Check out 10 tips for selecting a satisfying snack. Available to print in English or Spanish.

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service. SNAP-Ed Connection

This guide can help you explore different fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Seasonal produce in your area will vary by growing conditions and weather.

UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program

Healthy recipes and food activities that are fun to prepare with children.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Tab through these recipes for some tasty treats to cook up with your kids.

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Find healthy kid friendly recipes that you can print or send to yourself or someone you know.