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Welcome is a USDA-sponsored website that offers credible information to help you make healthful eating choices.

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ASCEND for Better Health

dinner plant with vegetables and meat

A virtual center that brings together scientists, partner organizations, and communities to deliver science-based solutions that promote and elevate food and nutrition security for all Americans.

Food Safety and Storage

Hand taking the temperature with a food thermometer of a roasted turkey

Ensure proper food safety and storage tips for all your holiday parties and leftovers.

Holiday Meal Planning

Holiday table setting with paper menu in the center with a garland table runner with tree lights, candles, and fruit decorations

Plan holiday meals that fit your budget and dietary needs.  

Seasonal Recipes

Banana oatmeal cookies on a pink plate with a whole banana, bowl or raisins and jar of oatmeal in the background

Make these delicious cookies for your holiday cookie exchange.

Featured Resources

Historical Dietary Guidance Digital Collection

Explore the history of dietary guidance and nutrition education from the 19th century to today.

USDA FoodData Central

Look up what’s in the foods that you eat using these 4 nutrient databases.

FoodKeeper App

Keep your food fresh and prevent food waste using this free app from

USDA REE Resources

Learn how supports the USDA Research, Education, and Economics (REE) mission to create safe, sustainable food systems in support of strong, healthy communities.