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Eating Vegetarian

Find tips and resources for creating a healthy vegetarian eating plan that meets nutrient recommendations.

USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Beans, peas, and lentils are unique foods that can count toward the protein and vegetable food groups. Learn about the variety of nutrients they provide.

USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Choose plant foods that are rich in important nutrients to meet your nutrition needs.

HHS, National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, MedlinePlus

Read general information about vegetarian diets, including recommendations for a healthy diet. 

HHS, Office on Women's Health, National Women's Health Information Center

Do you know a girl between the 10-16 years-old who is interested in vegetarian eating? If so, share this fact sheet which discusses the different types of vegetarian diets and explains how vegetarians can be sure to get all the nutrients they need.

Colorado State University Extension

Printable fact sheet on vegetarian diets.

PennState Extension

Learn about the different types of vegetarian diets, including vegan diets, and find tips for making plant-based meals.