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Sustainable Eating

Find information on sustainable foods, reducing food waste, eating local, and gardening at home.

Explore Local Foods

Cooking Local Foods

Tomatoes picked and placed in a basket.

Find tips and videos about cooking safe and healthy local food.

Gleaning in SNAP-Ed

Fresh carrots being held.

View a collection of resources about gleaning, or the act of collecting excess fresh foods from farms to provide them to those in need.

Community Supported Agriculture Directories

Person holding crate of fresh vegetables.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming practice where growers and consumers provide mutual support of food production. 

Reducing Food Waste

Storing food in containers in the refrigerator.

Composting at Home

Tangerine peel being placed in a compost bin.
  • Don't Waste Uneaten Food- Compost It

    What foods can be composted, and how can you get started? Get answers in this infographic.

  • Compost to Reduce Food Waste

    This USDA video encourages consumers to reduce food waste by composting food scraps. Learn how to set up a home compost bin or drop your food waste at a local compost center.

  • Composting at Home

    Discover the benefits of composting at home with two options including backyard composting and worm composting. Learn how to avoid common composition issues including avoiding pests and rodents. 

  • Composting

    Composting is the process of recycling organic materials into an amendment that can be used to enrich soil and plants. Learn how to get started composting at home with three easy steps. 

  • Composting & Organics Recycling

    Establish composting practices at home, school, and work with a variety of education and promotion resources including printable fact sheets.