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Meal Prep and Cooking Tips

Prepare healthy meals at home using these cooking methods and ingredient substitutions.

USDA, Agricultural Research Service

Looking to convert U.S. cooking measures to metric measurements? Trying to find how many tablespoons are in a cup? View the conversion factors in these tables.

USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, WIC Works Resource System

Need ideas of ways to prepare new or unfamiliar foods? Check out this series of recipes and tips for foods included in USDA food packages including beans, oats, leafy greens, tofu, and barley.

HHS, National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Read how to perform common food prep techniques, including zesting lemons and wrapping eggrolls.

Department of Defense, Navy Medicine, Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center

What are healthy cooking methods, and what equipment do you need for each method? Read this handout to find out.

Department of Defense, Navy Medicine, Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center

View a table of spices to learn about their flavors and uses.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Use these videos, recipes, and cooking tips to prepare healthy meals at home.

CalFresh SNAP-Ed

Explore this directory of 80+ healthy foods, and learn about their health benefits and how they can be prepared.

Colorado State University Extension

What is the correct way to measure dry and liquid ingredients? Perfect your recipe-making skills with these tips.

Colorado State University Extension

Learn about options for baking without gluten for people with gluten allergies or intolerances.

Colorado State University Extension

Looking for a substitute for an ingredient like flour, sugar, or eggs? Learn what you can use in your recipe.

North Dakota State University Extension Service

Are you missing an ingredient for your recipe? View what you can use as a replacement. (PDF | 143 KB)

North Dakota State University Extension Service

Learn how to use healthier ingredients in your favorite recipes.  (PDF | 177 KB)

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Learn basic kitchen skills, including methods for cooking, cutting and measuring.

University of Georgia Extension

Use this glossary to look up common food preparation terms and techniques. Also find videos on kitchen skills and cooking.

University of Illinois Extension

Read tips on saving money and maximizing your meals when cooking for one or two people. 

University of Maryland Extension

Discover how one common household ingredient can be used for five different meals. Featured ingredients include rice, oats, beans, and canned vegetables.

University of Minnesota Extension

Find basic information about fruits and vegetables, including how to clean, freeze, and eat them. Use the Fruits A-Z directory and Veggies A-Z directory to look up facts about a specific food. Read various methods on how to cook vegetables

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Get step-by-step instructions on how to cook dried beans.

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Find instructions on how to prepare roasted vegetables that are packed with flavor.

Utah State University Extension

Explore how to prepare easy recipes like omelets and soups without a recipe, helping you to use ingredients that you already have.

Utah State University Extension

Follow along to these step-by-step recipe tutorials. Find recipes including protein bites, apricot chicken, and hummus.

USDA, Food and Nutrition Service

Sandwiches are an easy, budget-friendly way to add more nutrition to a meal. Discover steps to build a healthier sandwich.