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Youth Perspectives on Food, Nutrition, and Health, Washington, DC

Summary Report

A large group of youth congregating on top of text: ASCEND for Better Health. Community Engagement in Washington, DC

This report summarizes youth perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of using food and nutrition to improve health-related outcomes. The information was gathered from two 4-H events, including Ignite by 4-H Council and the USDA NIFA National 4- H Conference. We encourage the usage of this information in future reports, publications, and efforts that aim to improve the health and well-being of all Americans, and especially for youth.

Images and Video from Events

A female college student standing behind a podium and speaking into a microphone, with three other female students looking on.
A collection of youth standing near a table filling out surveys on their smart phones.
Two female youth standing next to each other, smiling.