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An Introduction to

Separating Nutritional Facts from Fiction

ASCEND for Better Health

dinner plant with vegetables and meat

A virtual center that brings together scientists, partner organizations, and communities to deliver science-based solutions that promote and elevate food and nutrition security for all Americans.

World Food Safety Day

A thermometer on a shelf in the refrigerator.

Use these food safety resources for handling, preparing, and storing healthy foods to protect yourself and your loved ones from food poisoning.

Food Assistance Programs

Volunteer handing a food assistance box to a person.

Get information on food assistance programs for certain individuals and groups. Programs include SNAP, WIC, the National School Lunch Program and more.

Men’s Health Month

Group of four men hiking up the side of a hill

Learn about nutrition and healthy eating for men with reliable information and tools for planning a healthy diet.

Nutrition Tips for Every Stage of Life

A collage of people from different life stages eating or preparing healthy food.
I Want Resources For

5 A Day Salad

'5 A Day’ salad in a large black bowl.

This nutrient-packed salad uses ten different vegetables, and each serving is equal to five cups of vegetables.

USDA Economic Research Service

USDA ERS Chart: Predicted disease prevalences for adults in low-income households, 2019-22.

Adults in households that were less food secure (had limited access to nutritionally adequate or safe foods) were more likely to have one or more chronic disease.

HDGDC: Dan and Sue Meet Friendly Foods

A page from the ‘Dan and Sue meet friendly foods’ coloring book.

Encourage your family to eat their vegetables with these fun historical coloring pages from the USDA National Agricultural Library’s Historical Dietary Guidance Digital Collection’s (HDGDC) coloring pages from 1971

USDA FoodData Central: Corn on the Cob

Girl eating corn on the cob.

Discover nutrient content for corn on the cob products and variations in the USDA’s FoodData Central.